Her two cents are worth a read!

A recent message from a patient....

Joining Doctor Chisholm’s Center for Health is the best and most empowering health care
decision I have ever made. In Doctor Chisholm I have a true partnership with my doctor and she is always there for me.
In the few weeks since I joined Doctor Chisholm’s practice she has supported and guided me
toward better managing of a wide range of issues. Everything from chronic pain to annual
exams and even insurance options. Every time I contact Doctor Chisholm she gets back to me
immediately and is full of ideas and support! For me, it is Doctor Chisholm’s genuine and
enthusiastic belief in the doctor-patient relationship and the rights of individuals over their health care that puts her above and beyond any doctor I have ever known--and I work in health care! I know Doctor Chisholm is providing me with the best comprehensive and individualized care--uninfluenced by administrative quotas or insurance premiums or pharmaceutical companies.
The Chisholm Center’s direct practice model is a revolution in health care that is completely
patient driven! Goodbye to bureaucratic red-tape, waiting to be seen and never feeling heard,
abstract fees, by-line billing, and feeling lost and over-whelmed in a detached system of shuffled accountability and rapid turnover care. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel an unprecedented peace of mind and truly blessed to be a part of the Chisholm Center for Health. I know Dr. Chisholm is there for me and for each of her patients. I know she will provide each of us with the very best direct, professional, and personal care.
Thank you Doctor Chisholm!!

One of the most important things we can do at Chisholm Center For Health is empower our patients to take control. Control your costs of healthcare, control your health, control your healthcare decisions and know WHY! AT Chisholm Center For Health our focus is squarely on YOU, not insurance or pharmaceutical companies! We are as refreshed by the whole concept as you are as our patients! Thank you!

~ Dr. Chisholm