We offer the following services in our office:

  • Well-child checks, annual physicals for men and women, sport physicals, and school physicals
  • Management of a wide range of acute & chronic medical conditions traditionally managed by family physicians
  • Optimal health coaching and nutritional counseling
  • A growing list of in-office primary care procedures: EKGs, PAP smears and breast exams, dermatology procedures such as wound care & suturing, skin biopsies, cryotherapy, and urinalysis & rapid strep testing
  • Office visits, home visits, work visits, and technology visits as appropriate
  • Reasonable cash pricing for routine labs**
  • Same day or next day appointments in most cases
  • Should you require hospitalization, you will be under the care of a hospitalist, but your doctor will remain your advocate and stay as involved as possible

**As an example: The average cost of a CBC (complete blood count) nationwide, when billed through traditional insurance plans, is anywhere from $75 to $150. Cash price through our office: $1.74.

Membership Plans

Enjoy the benefits of a personal or family membership plan. For a reasonable monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual fee, you now have direct-access to your doctor and will see your doctor for every visit.  Office, home, work, and technology visits are all included from the very beginning.  No co-pays or facility fees, in-office procedures are included, and labs are very reasonably priced.  Your doctor will return phone calls personally, and your visits will be timely and for as long as you need.  If you are traveling, you will be able to reach your doctor for phone consultation without extra charge.

Here is a list of monthly rates. If you wish to calculate a quarterly rate, multiply your monthly rate by 3, or to calculate your annual rate, multiply the monthly rate by 12.

Age 20-44   $50/month* (Independent teenagers are $50/month)

Age 45-64   $75/month*

Age 65+      $100/month*

Nursing Home   $100/month*

The following plans are add-ons to any adult membership plan:

Age 0-19    $10/month (unless living independently, then the rate is $50/month)

Massage  (60 min)  $50

Please note that all new adult clients (and any children with special medical concerns) are offered an initial 90-min office consultation to thoroughly review their medical history and undergo initial physical examination. The fee for this initial consultation is $199.


Can I bill the initial consultation fee of $199 to my insurance?

This requires that you provide special documentation to your insurer called a "superbill," and we do not generate that sort of documentation here. (This is one very important way we keep your membership plans reasonably priced for all the services and perks we offer.) However, you can expect to receive a fully itemized invoice each month for services provided.

What if I wish to terminate my membership plan?

No problem! Just let us know. Please do note that while membership plans for individuals or families can indeed be terminated at any time, if you choose to terminate your membership and later wish to rejoin the practice, a re-enrollment fee will be applied.

Do you have a "pay-as-you-go" fee schedule for one-time office visits and procedures apart from membership?

Actually, since membership plans here are so reasonably priced and can be terminated for any reason without penalty, all new clients come on board as members at the time of enrollment. We like establishing longterm relationships! If you feel after joining that membership here is not well-suited for your needs, for whatever reason, you can easily cancel your membership and any associated membership fees. Membership here a win-win because you have direct and uncomplicated access to your doctor for the next 30 days for follow-up care after your initial consultation, whether it be by email, phone call, or a subsequent office visit.