Our family cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Chisholm. In the short time we’ve been her patients she has gone above and beyond to care for us. Early on we had an unexpected need for her to make a house call for our youngest daughter. Dr. Chisholm was quick to act when that need arose. She has focused significantly on one of our daughters and has spoken to several medical professionals in order to develop the best plan of care to meet our daughter’s needs. She regularly sends texts and emails to check up on us. If we have questions, she is quick to respond. Choosing Dr. Chisholm has been one of the best decisions we have made. It is obvious she truly wants the best for us and cares for our overall health. We are so thankful for her!
— S.H.
Joining Dr. Chisholm’s practice is the best and most empowering health care decision I have ever made. In Dr. Chisholm I have a true partnership with my doctor and she is always there for me.

In the few weeks since I joined Dr. Chisholm’s practice, she has supported and guided me toward better management of a wide range of issues. Everything from chronic pain to annual exams and even alternatives to traditional insurance coverage. Every time I contact Dr. Chisholm she gets back to me immediately and is full of ideas and support! For me, it is Dr. Chisholm’s genuine and enthusiastic belief in the doctor-patient relationship and the rights of individuals over their healthcare that puts her above and beyond any doctor I have ever known - and I work in healthcare! I know Dr. Chisholm is providing me with the best comprehensive and individualized care - uninfluenced by administrative quotas and the like.

The CHISHOLM Center For Health’s direct practice model is a revolution in healthcare that is completely patient-driven! Good-bye to bureaucratic red-tape, waiting to be seen and never feeling heard, abstract fees, by-line billing, and feeling lost and overwhelmed in a detached system of shuffled accountability and rapid turnover care.

I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel an unprecedented peace of mind and truly am blessed to be a part of the CHISHOLM Center For Health. I know Dr. Chisholm is there for me and for each of her patients. I know she will provide each of us with the very best direct, professional, and personal care. Thank you Dr. Chisholm!!
— A.R.
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Chisholm and her practice! My husband and I were on the fence about signing up with CHISHOLM Center for Health because of the monthly out of pocket expense - we didn’t know if we would really need it. Well we took the plunge and signed up with our three children. Not one month after signing up our son fell at the breakfast table and broke his collar bone. Dr. Chisholm saw us right away and was so caring! The whole thing cost less than a hundred dollars and later that night when our son’s breathing got labored she made a house call and stayed until we knew he was ok! The care our whole family receives from CHISHOLM Center for Health is caring, personal, and unique in the healthcare industry today. When I have had a concern I have been able to talk to Dr. Chisholm quickly either on the phone or in the office. I like having a professional who helps me manage our whole family’s health comprehensively! Our membership has been worth every dollar and then some!
— M.M.
Just wanted to say that Dr. Chisholm is wonderful!!! Leaving work today, I found out our sitter, who had been with both kiddos all day had been diagnosed with the flu. By the time I got home my husband had already managed to talk to her about concerns and options, gotten some solid suggestions and seemed reassured about the entire thing. And on a Friday night! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— K.P.
Feeling blessed! I can finally say after years and years of avoiding medical doctors that I love my doctor! Dr. Deborah Chisholm is a gem! I mean really it’s a pleasure to sit and talk with someone who understands my perspective on nutrition and preventative medicine.

If you live in Central IL I highly suggest you head over to CHISHOLM Center For Health!
— H.O.
Dr. Chisholm has provided excellent medical care for our family. We have worked with many different doctors trying to balance the complex medical needs of our son with our desire to limit the side-effects he has experienced from many of the traditional medicines he has had prescribed for his seizures and anxiety. Dr. Chisholm really listens and considers our concerns, experiences, and preferences while offering exceptional medical knowledge and care in a compassionate and professional manner. We are so thankful to have found the kind of medical care we have been looking for in Dr. Chisholm and the CHISHOLM Center For Health.
— T.R.
Doctor Chisholm is wonderful! I can contact her whenever I have a question or a problem and she is very quick to return my text or calls. She takes a genuine interest in my well being and doesn’t rush discussions or explanations. I feel very comfortable talking to her about all my health issues. Her willingness to find natural solutions along with traditional medications gives me so many options in dealing with the health of me and my family. I also love how affordable she is. My entire family will be seeing her from now on!
— A.C.
Very Impressed! I have been looking for this type of care for a long time. Doctor Chisholm’s hands-on care is wonderful. I can’t believe I can call my doctor on the phone and she will personally answer the call! She is very thorough and I feel very confident about the great quality of care that Dr. Chisholm provides.
— C.R.

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