We took primary care, and simplified it.

We are a Direct Patient Care (DPC) family medicine clinic in east-central Illinois designed to simplify and improve access to quality, personalized care for individuals and families.

We offer all-inclusive, month-to-month, quarterly, semi-annual or annual membership plans for primary care services provided here. Memberships can be purchased for individuals or families.

What are the perks, you ask? Check out this list:

  • No co-pays or facility fees for office visits or procedures.
  • Leisurely visits with your doctor as often as you need to be seen.
  • Complete price transparency and great wholesale pricing on labs and radiology services.
  • Special access phone number for texting or calling your doctor, even after hours.
  • Access to medical advice from your doctor, even when you are traveling away from home.
  • Home visits, too, when appropriate!

Sound too good to be true? (You're going to love this new way of doing healthcare!)

And there is more great news: whether or not you currently have health insurance, we can accommodate your primary care needs here.*  Furthermore, if you currently have insurance, you will not need pre-authorization from your insurance company to become a member, schedule an appointment, or implement a recommended treatment plan through our office.  You'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable this model of care truly is!

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver primary care services to all age ranges in a way that honors individuals and leads to happier, healthier outcomes.  Our clients feel empowered to make healthcare decisions in partnership with their physician, and can choose their point of access on a situational basis, whether that be an office visit, work visit, home visit, or technology visit.

The only way we could accomplish this goal was to politely "un-invite" third-party payers from your interaction here with your primary care physician.  What that means is that, while our office will not bill our services to your insurance company*, neither will we need to ask their permission before we implement your personalized healthcare plan.

*We recommend that you purchase insurance for specialty and hospital care.  If you need assistance navigating your health insurance options, please see our RESOURCES page or contact our office and we'd be glad to connect you with someone knowledgeable who can help.

Insurance complicates more than it helps... You don’t have car insurance for gasoline and you wouldn’t buy it if someone offered it to you. So why have insurance for family medicine... when what we can do [as family physicians] is so affordable?
— Dr. Josh Umbehr, ATLAS.MD